tele aviv productions & the heart news business

tele aviv productions is an association of filmmakers sharing one goal:
to cover Israel and its neighbour, the Palestinian Autonomy, as truthfully, honestly, and poignantly as we can.

The Middle East is a region of many realities and just as many truths.
Our daily bread is the story of two peoples fighting over one stretch of land.

Some are willing to fight for it to their death.
Others say one human life is worth more than a single grain of sand in any holy city.
Some see the solution of the conflict in two, side by side, secular states.
Others, religious zealots on both sides, want one country ruled by the laws of religion.

In a region so divided, no journalist can be detached or truly impartial.
Where others try to be objective, we are not afraid to be opinionated.
Where others search for balance, our aim is fairness.
Where others report hard facts, we report matters of the heart.

Hard news is not our business.

We do have our finger on the pulse of the ever-unfolding events in our region.
We just choose to cover them a little differently.
We like to view our coverage as Heart News.

Sometimes we go beyond our borders to tell stories from other corners of an increasingly globalized world. Our job is to show what moves the people living in it.